Update On Eric Perteet, The Man Arrested For Impersonating An Emergency Room Doctor

Tammi McCreary was twice divorced and not looking for love. This changed when she met the handsome Eric Perteet. Initally meeting at anightclub, the two became really close…really fast. Eric confided in Tammi that he was divorced with two sons that was tragically killed in a car crash. He also said that he was a former emergency room doctor that, as a result of the loss of his family, could no longer practice medicine.

After a month of dating, Eric asked Tammi to marry him. Tammi said yes and 4 months after their initial meeting, they were married. Soon after, Eric told Tammi that he was offered a job as an emergency room doctor in Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital. The only problem was, Eric was not a doctor and had never went to medical school. Tammi explained that she would drop Eric off at the hospital and that everything seemed legit. This went on for two months. In May 2008 Eric Perteet was arrested for impersonating a doctor. According to an Atlanta police report, he allegedly had been hanging around the hospital in waiting rooms, doctors’ lounges and the library for at least six weeks, and had allegedly stolen hospital property including a cellphone, a doctor’s on-call pager, an electronic door swipe card and vial of drugs to make him look more like a doctor. Tammi also found out that Eric’s sons did not die in a car accident. He had two sons with two different women and both are alive and well. In December 2009, Eric pled guilty to identy fraud and theft. He was sentenced to 42 months in prison.

Fast foward to today. Eric is now living in his home state of Illinois, and since 2012 has been making a living as a cell phone repairman. Watch the full story below, from Tammi’s point of view.

eric perteet

2018 Update: It looks like Mr. Perteet is getting married…AGAIN! Thanks to our loyal friend Monica, we found out that Perteet is set to marry Candace Thomas in Mexico on August 18, 2018. Mr. Perteet, I hope you have learned from your mistakes and are totally transparent with Candace.


Sources: ABC News, LinkedIn

2019 Update: Eric and Candace are happily married and have a child together. Candace is a hairdresser.



19 thoughts on “Update On Eric Perteet, The Man Arrested For Impersonating An Emergency Room Doctor

    1. Well he’s supposed to be marrying some woman named Candace Thomas August 18th 2018 in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. They have a little website with all the marriage information on it, including the countdown, and all the people that supposed to be in the wedding party . Now unless this is the same girl from the gym and it was Some Type-o on the year, I suppose he’s up to his same old tricks. Idk … I’m just saying.🤔


  1. I hope she’s not looking for sympathy. You women kill me up and marrying the first thing that come along and ask. She knew absolutely NOTHING about him in a months time to be eagerly saying yes I’ll marry you. Why must you be so desperate? What’s really upsetting to me is that women like her have a child or children that they so blatantly quick to bring the man around without knowing a thing about him. In her case, her son tried to warn her that something was off about this dude and she didn’t listen so she got what she deserved. Luckily he wasn’t a killer. Anything else can be replaced.


    1. I knew my ex all my life and it still happened to me. It doesn’t matter how long you knew someone. If someone wants to manipulate you, if their good, they will do it for years without you knowing. It took a therapist to tell me I was being manipulated by a family friend who I was married to for 8 years. The first five years were perfect. Smh


  2. This guy is about to get married come August 18, 2018 in Puerto Vallarta Mexico to a woman named Candace Thomas. I lie to you not just Google Candace Thomas and Eric Perteet’s​ Wedding website-The Knot and you’ll see everything including the wedding party.


  3. For 1, I could NEVER be so quick to be accepting of someone and have them share the same home with my children. For 2, if she was a stay at home wife and he was impersonating a doctor what was their source of income. Something just ain’t adding up
    And 3, he is not at all that attractive.


    1. They stated he was wanted in Illinois when she contacted his probation officer for check fraud so maybe that was his source of income. When she met him he was throwing money at her so yeah that’s how he made money by scamming and theft.


  4. He is actually married to Candace Petreet and going by “Eric CoolBreeze” on FB. They look happy. I was sad for Tammi and can only hope he’s done with the scamming life for the sake of his kids. Unfortunately it seems he has a pattern of being a pathological and compulsive liar. He is working for UPS. I’m wondering how they let him handle people’s packages with a history of fraud and identity theft?


  5. This is the exact same guy the stole me and my girlfriend iphones in 2012 or 13. We dropped our phones off at a repair shop in park forest illinois right off sauk trail street in a plaza with a taco bell and a subway and this dude never returned our phones. He gave us stolen iphones a month later which we obviously couldnt use. Omg!!!! Girl watch out this guy is a total fraud he has a problem…..I can not believe this mess!!!!!!!


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