Tonya TKO VS Tommy Sotomayor: Who Won?

Popular YouTube blogger Tonya TKO gives advice on self improvement and does life coaching. She has visited several countries with hopes of writing a book while there. During her visits to places like Buenos Aires and Guatemala she says she was robbed. She then returned to California and now says that she has not written her book and is now living in her car. She then posted a plea to her YouTube subscribers to donate to her Go Fund Me account where she is trying to raise $10,000 for:

First Month & Last month + Deposit on an apartmentĀ 
1 month rent.
Air Mattress / futon, cot, or a bed
Editor for my videos
animation specialist to create my intro
Production of the Tonya Tko Show
3 Camera persons

Another popular vlogger Tommy Sotomayor has made a parody video about Tonya causing his followers to believe that she is a scam artist. Take a look at these videos and you be the judge.

tonya tkoTommy sotomayor



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