The Nominations Are In! Beta Beat Awards

awards show


The Beta Beat Awards (BBA) is an annual event that was designed to recognize Underground, Independent and Lowkey Mainstream artists that have made the most significant records. Vote online! Deadline April 1st. Winners will be announced on a future episode of Beta Beat Radio.   Vote Now!!!

Password: superstar



Congrats To All Of The Nominees!

1. Best Message
  • Latrell James – The Button
  • Julio The Poet – Mercy Me
  • Tamara Bubble – Towel Boy
  • Gabe – Should’ve Stayed Friends


2. Most Groovy
  • New Nobility – Love
  • X-Phaze- Flying Without Wings
  • Josh – Alarm Clock
  • Glen Purdy- I Really Want You
3. Beta All Around Award
  • Mike Hardy- Shotgun Shawty
  • Austin Brown- Fu@ked With My Mind
  • Rob Stashiz – Walk A Mile In M Shoes
  • Zeno The Ruler – Like Me

Vote Now!







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