Tanya TKO Rasied Above Her 10K Goal Via Go Fund Me, But She Still Wants More

Earlier we discussed the Tanya TKO vs Tommy Sotomayor beef regarding her plea for 10K due to the fact that she is living in her car. Her goal was 10K and to date, she has raised over 12K yet she still chooses to live in her car. You be the judge, and listen to why she justifies why after receiving 12K she is still living in her car.


tonya tko



2 thoughts on “Tanya TKO Rasied Above Her 10K Goal Via Go Fund Me, But She Still Wants More

  1. Tonya never asked for more than the $10,000.00. Fans/ Friends who knew her for 8 years; some less who knew her character from her nyc meet-ups and /or the one meet-up in LA a month prior to her move made an informed decision to give of their funds large or small donations. Her intentions for the money were spelled out. She did not ask for enough in my opinion. She was encouraged to set-up a gofundme acct; initially refused. No one saw the back lash; a male youtuber’s followers coming to her station to curse her, threaten her, successfully get her gofundme acct closed down until after investigation. She had 2 of the male youtuber’s videos flagged down as hate and harrassment and the haters came to her station in droves accusing her of going after their male youtuber who had 2 prior gofundme acts and has a patreon acct. now. It was shocking, amazing to see Strangers hate a stranger & her Fans/Friends called names for daring to assist her.


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