Longtime Jackson Family Confidant Majestik Magnificent Loses HisBattle To Cancer

majestic3majestic 5majestic1majestic2majestic4majestic6majestic8On February 19 2016, longtime family friend to the Jackson Family  Majestik Magnificent, passed away due to his long bout with cancer. During Michael Jackson’s solo years Majestik Magnificent worked as Jackson’s personal magician. It was alleged that Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson paid over more than $1 million to help pay for Majestik’s medical bills as he battled against aggressive malignant brain cancer. RIP you will be missed.

Jackson’s sister La Toya tweeted out her condolences to Magnificent, writing, “Majestik You Brought Us Love Joy And Laughter! May You Rest In Peace!” She also shared a picture with the magician taken inside a casino.



One thought on “Longtime Jackson Family Confidant Majestik Magnificent Loses HisBattle To Cancer

  1. I use to be friends with Joe Jackson but he got a additute when I said what about Katherine Jackson? As fans r always praising Joe Jackson but he was the one who abused MJ& made him sick to his stomach!!! He was very mean to MJ,as I don’t understand why fans praise him as he only got his sons where they are today for his own gain!!! People wake up & smell the coffee!!!! I never liked Joe Jackson because of how he treated MJ. Everyone should recognize Katherine Jackson as she was the better parent!!!!


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