Two More People Denounce Relationship With Andre Vann

Earlier this year Shawn Jackson (cousin of MJ) took on the role as a surrogate father to Andre Vann and even started working on an album together. The two have been spotted hanging out together and Jackson had publicly declared Vann as a family member. What a difference some months have made. Shawn and his wife Bertha recently made a video stating that they want nothing to do with Vann and that they were “conned” by him.

This comes to a surprise because Shawn was one of Vann’s main supporters and has made several videos for which he clamed Vann as a family member.

Tanisha Rodney aka Tanay Jackson has also been a huge supporter of Vann. In a recent interview with DTF Radio, Rodney also claims that she wants nothing to do with Vann anymore. Rodney claims to be the daughter of Tito Jackson.

It seems like the only Jackson that still supports Vann is 2nd cousin LaToya Jackson McCall.

Check out the videos below…

Tanisha Rodney

Click Pic to see Tanisha Rodney’s Latest Interview




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