Good Cops Exposed

In the wake of all of the racial tension amongst police and citizens, it’s refreshing to have “good cops” highlighted. 

About a year ago, activist and rapper Michael Render aka “Killer Mike” was the first celebrity to bring attention to Officer Tommy  Norman of the North Little Rock, Arkansas police department. Officer Norman has been in law enforcement for 18 years and takes a non traditional approach to community policing. Norman has a personal relationship with the members of the community. He has a trunk full of goodies for community members to enjoy.

Recently, many other celebrities have noticed Officer Norman and shouted him out via social media. Rapper The Game’s son noticed Officer Norman and launched a go find me campaign which has received over $70,000 in donations. The money will be used to provide more snacks and goodies for the community.

Officer Norman urges others to reach out to their local police departments in order to help their own communities. In addition, Norman has showcased his fellow officer in blue Officer Kasey Knight. Both officers do an excellent job at “humanizing the badge.” 

FYI, both of these officers have African American significant others!

Instagram: Tnorman23

Instagram: Kaseyknight

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