JohVonnie Jackson Sheds Major Pounds!

The youngest child of the famous Jackson Family has some exciting news! Although JohVonnie Jackson has yet to announce a release date…She has assured us that her book “Bastard Child” will be released soon.

Here is an excert from her book.

“Yeah, I’m Joh’Vonnie Jackson, bastard child of the infamously irascible Joseph Walter Jackson, half-sibling to Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Brandon, Randy, Michael and of course Janet. And these are the chronicles of the 11th Jackson, half-damned and half-blessed.” -excerpt from Bastard Child

In all, Bastard Child aims to accomplish a few things for the reader. It shares an unknown story of the infamous Jackson family. It allows Joh’Vonnie Jackson her space and her time living out of the shadows and finally the opportunity to be able to tell her story. And lastly, it works to help all of those out there in need of support and to inspire others with their unique struggles to come forward and live life truly and authentically.



This is the book cover for “Bastard Child”

JohVonnie has lost a lot of weight in preparation for her upcoming book release.



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