Yasmine Jackson Mourns Loss of her dad

On March 4th,Yasmine Jackson shared that her father Alvin Golden passed away. We are keeping Yasmine and her siblings in our prayers.

Who Knew This About Marvin Gaye?

Motown star Marvin Gaye had a lot of dark secrets, we will discuss one. In 1963 Gaye married the elder sister of Motown founder Berry Gordy, Anna Gordy (17 years older than Gaye). During his marriage to Gordy, Gaye impregnated Gordy’s then 16 year old niece Denise. A few days after her 17th birthday, Denise gave birth to her and Gaye’s son Marvin Gaye III. During Denise’s pregnancy, Anna Gordy pretended to be pregnant and adopted the baby passing it off as her own. What a coverup! There is also a blind item rumor that Gaye was a serial killer and this was covered up by Motown as well. Sheesh!

Marvin Gaye and Anna Gordy
Denise and Anna Gordy
Marvin Gaye III
Marvin Gaye

Do You Remember This Viral Proposal?

In 2014 Cameron Brooks shook the internet with his soulful voice while proposing to his then girlfriend Brittney.

Today Cameron and Brittney are happily married with two beautiful children. They recently started a youtube channel The Life of Cam and Britt and already have over 1000 subscribers. Their channel is full of pranks, challenges and gives us a look into their home life. Cameron also caters soul food in his area of Fort Wayne Indiana.

Is Allyson Leilani Carter’s story (@xoodyssey) a scam?

Allyson Carter aka Ally has gone viral after politician Angela Stanton-King posted her story a few months ago. Ally allegdes that she was sex trafficted for many years and has wittnessed well known celebrities that have participated. She even alledges that Tupac is still alive and she has actually seen him. In addition (via q&a on instagram) she says that she has wittnessed shape shifting and clones.

At first, it seemed as though Ally had the backers that she calls her 90’s (the 90% of people that believe her) in her corner. Later some of her 90’s turned into 10’s (10% of people that don’t believe her) and began an all out campaign to derail her alleged lies.

Angela Stanton-King recently posted a video reliquishing her support. Her decision was in part, due to the fact that there were several reputable organizations/people that have offered assistance however, Ally and her adopted mother refused help from any of them. Instead, Ally chooses to be “on the run” while accepting Venmo donations.

You be the judge. There are several Instagram accounts that are used to create doubt about Ally’s claims.

Jackson Family Member Stabbed in Racially Motivated Attack

According to Joh’Vonnie Jackson, her daughter Yasmine was attacked in her apartment complex by a white neighbor. The neighbor chased Yasmine (who has asthma) until she could no longer run, and eventually stabbing her seven times. Fortunately the woman was caught and charged with Felony Battery with a deadly weapon. Yasmine, who works as a nurse, is calling for upgraded charges for the attacker. She says that during the assault, the attacker called her the N word several times. Prayers for Yasmine.

Was The Notre Dame Fire a False Flag?

Investigators in Paris said Thursday they believe an electrical short-circuit is most likely the cause behind the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.

The French judicial police official, who spoke anonymously about the ongoing probe, said investigators still don’t have the go-ahead to search the rubble or work in the cathedral because of safety concerns.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com

Dr. Mumbi posed a very logical theory about weather this incident was Gods wrath or a False Flag.  Dr.Mumbi has a PhD from the University of Nairobi in African Women Studies. Her Masters was in Human Resources Planning from Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland and her undergraduate degree was also in human resources and international business, from Loyola University of Chicago. In addition to her education, Dr Mumbi worked for the United Nations 7 years in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mary Wilson Dazzles the Audience at Detroit’s Opening Day!

On April 4th, the Detroit Tigers started off their baseball season with a game against the Kansas City Royals. affectionately called “Opening Day”, the first game of baseball season is like a holiday. Native Detroiter and original member of the Supremes, Mary Wilson sang the National Anthem. Wonder if Ms. Wilson visited the children of Florence Ballard Chapman while she was in her hometown. Ballard’s grandson Appleton Chapman is a Detroit rapper. 


Florenc BallardMary WilsonIMG_5171