Paula Jai Parker Welcomes Malika Haqq to Hollywood Divas

Malika Haqq, longtime of the Kardashian Family is finally branching in her own. Haqq, whom has had small movie and tv roles in the past, has been cast on the runaway hit Hollywood Divas for its second season. 

Hollywood Divas costar Paula Jai Parker described Haqq as a ” breath of fresh air” and producer Karlos King says that the upcoming season is going to be very memorable.

Wonder if any of the Kardashian Krew will appear on the show

This could be Makika Haqq’s only chance of coming out the shadows of the Kardasian Krew

Whose going to watch!


The Briss Life: Ty and Jerome get pedicures together!

YouTube vlogger Ty Briss of The Briss Life ahow posts weekly vlogs about her family life. It is important to support positive African American bloggers and vloggers that promote positive and stable family life. This week Ty and Jerome go on a “Day Date” while their daughter is at school and both have the day off. During their date they both got pedicures. Two Questions:  What do you think about males getting pedicures? Why didn’t anyone tell Ty that she had something in her hair?

ty briss2

Ever Wonder How Instagram Models Make Money?



There are a ton of “Models” of Instagram that are always flashing the latest bags and shoes. They also seem to be traveling to various countries first class and sometimes in private jets. We never see them doing any high end fashion campaigns or on the cover of any fashion magazines, so how can they afford such a lavish lifestyle?

There’s a website that was designed to find out the answer. is known for baiting these “Insta Models” into divulging their most guarded secrets. If you want a quick laugh at these “models’ ” expense, then check out this website. You will not believe what these models are willing to do for 15K and a trip to Dubai!

Click On The Pic To Visit The Website



Some Of Your Favorite YouTube Pranks May Be Fake

YouTube pranks are sweeping the internet. Many of the more well known pranksters have their own YouTube channels which garners millions of subscribers and views. The money lies within the views. From what I’ve been told, most YouTube sensations get paid on a fixed (pay per thousand views) basis. On average, a YouTuber can make from $2-5 per thousand views. These prank channels average millions of views per video. Big Business, and this does not even include sponsorship monies.

Due to the high demand of the pranksters need to create a constant flow of interesting and funny content, we can understand why they feel the need to have to stage the videos. I must say that although I’ve enjoyed my fair share of YouTube prank videos, I feel a little violated by finding out that the joke was on us, the viewer!



Tonya TKO VS Tommy Sotomayor: Who Won?

Popular YouTube blogger Tonya TKO gives advice on self improvement and does life coaching. She has visited several countries with hopes of writing a book while there. During her visits to places like Buenos Aires and Guatemala she says she was robbed. She then returned to California and now says that she has not written her book and is now living in her car. She then posted a plea to her YouTube subscribers to donate to her Go Fund Me account where she is trying to raise $10,000 for:

First Month & Last month + Deposit on an apartment 
1 month rent.
Air Mattress / futon, cot, or a bed
Editor for my videos
animation specialist to create my intro
Production of the Tonya Tko Show
3 Camera persons

Another popular vlogger Tommy Sotomayor has made a parody video about Tonya causing his followers to believe that she is a scam artist. Take a look at these videos and you be the judge.

tonya tkoTommy sotomayor