How to Interpret What Your Newborn Wants

In 2006, Oprah Winfrey invited Priscilla Dunstan on her show  because she claimed to have unlocked the code of “baby language”… New mothers, let us know if this works!

Where Are They Now: Cherie Johnson

We may remember her as Punky’s best friend on Punky Brewster in the 80’s, or Laura Winslow’s best friend on Family Matters in the 90’s. In 2009, she produced and starred in the cult classic I Do, I Did. Some may be surprised by what Cherie Johnson is up to today. 

Today Johnson resides in Hollywood Florida, is a certified nutritionist and owner of Kian Spa. In addition, Johnson offers personal coaching and support (for an affordable fee). She provides one-on-one and group nutritional coaching along with holistic wellness programs concentrating on each client’s personal well-being and health from the inside-out.    

Johnson does consultations outside of Florida, so hit her and her people up to get your body back on track! 

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Sgt. LaDavid Johnson’s Widow Myeisha, Is Making Moves!

We all watched with broken hearts as Myeisha Johnson, wife of Sgt. LaDavid Johnson who was violently murdered during an ambush in Niger, openly wept at her husbands casket. Many have wondered how Myeisha, who was pregnant with their third child at the time of her husbands murder, is doing.

Myeisha’s sorority, Alpha Lambda Psi, announced that she recently graduated from nursing school and is doing well. Alpha Lambda Psi is the First Greek Letter Organization for Military Spouses. Shout out to Alpha Lambda Psi for supporting their sister in everything she does.

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Joh’Vonnie Jackson Explains Why Her Book Is No Longer Being Sold

Joh’Vonnie Jackson, youngest sibling of the famous Jackson Family, released a memoir earlier this year. The book Bastard Child, was only for sale for a few months when it suddenly disappeared from bookstores both brick and mortar and online. This caught fans by surprise because Joh’Vonnie had been doing lots of press to promote her new book. Her interview on the talk show The Talk was deleted from youtube.

After months of speculation, Jackson posted on her Instagram live and Facebook about the reason why her book is no longer being sold. According to Jackson, an attorney, stopped the book from being sold. Although she doesn’t name the attorney, Jackson does say that she is a disgruntled former attorney of her father and the reason she stopped the book was because she is “Jealous That She Is Not Joe Jackson’s Daughter”. The post states that the attorney filed some copyright concerns which ultimately halted the sale of the book.

We wish Joh’Vonnie much success and hope that she can get this issue resolved soon.

Click here to see a Joh’Vonnie Interview with The Daily Mail


Bill Clinton’s Secret Son

In 1999 The Star Magazine paid former prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams,  and her son Danney Williams for their story and blood samples. The blood test resulted in Danney not being related to Bill Clinton. We all know that people with power and means can make things happen, especially in politics. With that being said, I’ll let these pics speak for themselves. Do you think he is really Bill Clinton’s son?

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