Jackson Family Member Stabbed in Racially Motivated Attack

According to Joh’Vonnie Jackson, her daughter Yasmine was attacked in her apartment complex by a white neighbor. The neighbor chased Yasmine (who has asthma) until she could no longer run, and eventually stabbing her seven times. Fortunately the woman was caught and charged with Felony Battery with a deadly weapon. Yasmine, who works as a nurse, is calling for upgraded charges for the attacker. She says that during the assault, the attacker called her the N word several times. Prayers for Yasmine.

Destiny Child Member LaTavia Roberson Is Prego!

Founding member of the super group Destinys Child revealed her bulging baby bump at the premiere of her new reality show The Online Diary of LaTavia Roberson. Don’t expect her to reveal the father anytime soon. Roberson has a two year old daughter Lyric and we have yet to see her father. Congrats LaTavia!



Tanisha Rodney AKA Tanay Jackson Debuts New Video

Tanisha Rodney’s new video was released for her song “Take It Off.” In 2009 Rodney sued Tito Jackson. The lawsuit in Brooklyn Family Court alleges Jackson confessed to her while she was a teenager that he was, indeed, her father. Rodney wanted Jackson to publicly admit that she was his daughter. Soon after, she changed her name to Tanay Jackson and began launching her singing career.

Check out her latest video below. Are we feeling “Take It Off”

Tanisha Rodney


Rodney has also claimed to have visited Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and says she was featured in his video “Remember The Time.” Can you spot her?


Rapchic Kenika Moffett Makes A Major Announcement!

Rapper Kenika Moffett made a major announcement this week that she has been keeping a secret for over 3 months. She recently announced that she is in her second trimester of pregnancy.

Moffett is known for her “keepin it real” antics on social media. She is currently in the process of writing a book and says that her pregnancy will not affect her progress. This baby will be her fourth child and first with boyfriend Marlon. Marlon was incarcerated for two years and Moffett held him down while he was locked up. She is refreshingly honest about her life and chronicles her journey on social media. Congrats!

Instagram: rapchic_therappingbeauty




Who Knew? Andre Vann aka Gepetto Jackson Is Linked To Bobby Brown!

A 2015 video has surfaced of Andre Vann and Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown. In the video, Brown seems very protective of Vann and claims that she is best friends with Vann’s mother.

Andre Vann goes by the name Gepetto Jackson and claims to be the “secret son” of Jermaine Jackson. It has also been rumored that Jermaine had a brief affair with Whitney Houston in the early 80’s while he was still married to Hazel Gordy. The 1985 Whitney Houston video for “Saving All My Love For You” features a male lead that bares a striking resemblance to Jermaine Jackson. Whitney Houston was married to Bobby Brown from 1992-2007. Small world!

andre vann

leolah brownwhitneyhoustonjermainejacksonwhitneyhoustonjermainejackson1



Welven Da Great Gets Baptized

Ugly man Welven Da Great was recently baptized. You may remember him for his “Who Ain’t Got No Bitches” viral video. Although he has a disability, neither him nor his family members will disclose what disability he has. Welven hosts parties and has been seen drinking alcohol and tongue kissing random women. Wonder if he will change his ways now that he is baptized.