Product Review: Dozzze Relaxation Syrup

This product is billed as a natural and legal alternative to prescription cough syrup (also known as lean). As a person that has never had lean, I had to do my research. Apparently, you can buy a 16oz bottle of lean for approx. $150-$200 on black market. A 4oz bottle of Dozzze is $29 plus shipping. I figured…Hey, its worth a try! So how does Dozzze compare to the real thing? Once again, I repeat…I have never misused prescription cough syrup, so I’m not sure of its effects. During my research I know that lean is supposed to make you feel like…um something awesome.

Like lean, Dozze is advertised as best if mixed with Sprite. Per Dozze’s instagram account @theoriginaldozzze, its suggested to add a maximum of 4 tablespoons of the product per 20 oz of your preferred drink of choice. I placed my order last Friday, and received it this Friday.

After placing 4 tablespoons of Dozze in 16 oz of Sprite…I sipped slowly (as suggested). After 30 minutes, I felt nothing. I figured I needed to let the product settle in my system…so I waited 30 more minutes. Then I figured that hey…maybe I need another cup, so I poured another 16 oz cup of Sprite with another 4 tablespoons of Dozzze. Three hours later…still no feeling of anything. If you are expecting to have an effect…any effect…you will be disappointed. The people that post positive comments on instagram are obviously paid or are friends with its owners.

If you are considering purchasing this product, do yourself a favor…and don’t. You will be better off buying some Crown Royal.

BTW: This Product doesn’t even make you sleepy.