R.I.P. “When A Man Loves A Woman” singer Percy Sledge Dies at 73

Percy Sledge most known for his 1966 hit “When A Man Loves A Woman” died of natural causes in a hospice facility in Louisana. R.I.P.

percy sledge

Remember the R&B Group Troop…They’remusic back!

Troop, known for their 90’s hits “All I Do Is Think Of You” and “Spread My Wings” is back and ready to bless us with new music. Lead singer Steven Russell is raising money to fund his music company Motel Music Media and to fund his School Of Eternal Knowledge Project for adult transformation called “Time For Aknew”  which focuses on self knowledge and mental and true spiritual freedom and growth. Steven has started a go fund me campaign to raise 100k for both projects.