Ever Wonder How Instagram Models Make Money?



There are a ton of “Models” of Instagram that are always flashing the latest bags and shoes. They also seem to be traveling to various countries first class and sometimes in private jets. We never see them doing any high end fashion campaigns or on the cover of any fashion magazines, so how can they afford such a lavish lifestyle?

There’s a website that was designed to find out the answer. TagTheSponsor.com is known for baiting these “Insta Models” into divulging their most guarded secrets. If you want a quick laugh at these “models’ ” expense, then check out this website. You will not believe what these models are willing to do for 15K and a trip to Dubai!

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What Its Like To Be Black In Germany

Racism is prevalent in the United States, but what about other countries? In this series we will explore the African American experience living in other countries. Find out from one gentleman what its like being African American in Germany. His stories may shock some Americans.