How to Interpret What Your Newborn Wants

In 2006, Oprah Winfrey invited Priscilla Dunstan on her show  because she claimed to have unlocked the code of “baby language”… New mothers, let us know if this works!

Where Are They Now: Cherie Johnson

We may remember her as Punky’s best friend on Punky Brewster in the 80’s, or Laura Winslow’s best friend on Family Matters in the 90’s. In 2009, she produced and starred in the cult classic I Do, I Did. Some may be surprised by what Cherie Johnson is up to today. 

Today Johnson resides in Hollywood Florida, is a certified nutritionist and owner of Kian Spa. In addition, Johnson offers personal coaching and support (for an affordable fee). She provides one-on-one and group nutritional coaching along with holistic wellness programs concentrating on each client’s personal well-being and health from the inside-out.    

Johnson does consultations outside of Florida, so hit her and her people up to get your body back on track! 

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Imagine Having To Survive Off Of Eating Dirt Cookies

In first world countries, one is considered poor if they receive government assistance such as food stamps and subsidized housing. Even the homeless have access to soup kitchens for food and emergency room services for health care. If you are reading this, then it is safe to say that you are privileged enough to have access to a computer and internet.

I imagine that people wouldn’t be so prone to drop out of a FREE public education system if it wasn’t given so freely. Some countries dream of having access to the things that we take for granted.

Take a look at some people in Haiti that have to survive by eating “cookies” made of dirt. In addition to dirt, the mixture is made with a touch of vegetable shortening , salt and if they are lucky, a pinch of sugar.

The next time you complain about how tough of a life you have, watch this video.


Joh’Vonnie Jackson Confirms Her Father Joe Jackson’s Health Condition



Rumors have been swirling in the last few days regarding Joe Jackson’s declining health. Some reputable sources have been posting that Joe Jackson, patriarch of the famous Jackson Family is on his death bed.

A fan asked Joe’s youngest daughter Joh’ Vonnie about her dad’s health and she was gracious enough to respond. “He’s doing good for his age. His heart is beating good and it hasn’t used the pacemaker. We have controlled his health through diet” she was quoted.

So there you have it, Joe Jackson is not on his deathbed.

Brain Damage Caused By Relaxers! Find Out The Truth

A relaxer is a type of lotion or cream generally used by people with tight curls or very curly hair which makes hair easier to straighten by chemically “relaxing” the natural curls.

Listen to a former police officer that had the opportunity to sit in on an autopsy . In the video she shares the damage that she witnessed. The brain was discolored and spongy and this was due to long term relaxer use.


Update On Joe Jackson’s Health

After suffering a stroke and heart heart attack in Brazil last week, Joe Jackson is recovering in the intensive care unit. According to his youngest daughter Joh’Vonnie, he is doing much better. “Daddy is doing good today. He ate his lunch and is watching his favorite “CNN”. Thank you for praying for him and us. Dad has a very strong will to live. His vision is good and great blood pressure. Nothing can keep the Hawk from flying!” she wrote on her facebook page. Praying for a full recovery Joe!

Joe JacksonJoh'Vonnie JAckson