Reality or Nah? Is Rome Jeterr’s Video For “DWI” Based On Actual Experiences?

After viewing Rome Jeterr’s new video, we have a few questions.

Is Rome Jeterr really high in the video?

Was Rome Jeterr really getting stopped by the police during the video?

Was Rome Jeterr really drinking and driving during the video?

Did somebody really sell you Robitussin and say that it was lean?

Do you wish, that you would have called an uber?

You be the judge?

rome jeterr

Super Saiyan Strikes Again!

Petter Jones releases new single “Heavens Gate” The song is off of Jones’ upcoming mixtape Super Saiyan.

Last year SKE Records released a series of webisodes that chronicled Petter Jones’ quest to find the Super Saiyan in Philadelphia.