Are Andre Vann and Peter Midani Scamming Together?

 First of all, who is Peter Midani? Earlier this week, he popped up on Joh’Vonnie Jackson’s  social media page with a rambling message about someone named JaVonnie Parks that was supposedly pretending to be Joh’Vonnie Jackson online. Midani himself was accused of impersonating Michael Jackson online since 2004 until after his death. Midani has many alias’ including Bobby Anderson and it is alleged that his true identity is Peter Madonia who happens to be COO of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Here are some more confusing facts about the “Peter Midani” mystery

  • Someone leaked a phone conversation in 2014 of what was supposed to be
    Andre Vann (AKA Gepetto Jackson ) and the late Michael Jackson. This video was meant to confirm that Michael Jackson is NOT dead.
  • It has been alleged that it was Peter Midani (AKA Bobby Anderson) that was impersonating Michael Jackson on the recorded call with Andre Vann.
  • LaToya Jackson McCall says that Peter Midani is a fraud
  • The grammar is horrible on “Peter Midani’s social media posts
  • LaToya Jackson McCall says that regardless of DNA,  Andre Vann is her cousin
  • Latoya Jackson McCall does not claim Tanay Jackson as a cousin because she did not pass the Jackson DNA Test.


A Few Questions

  • How do Ja’Vonnie Parks and Peter Midani know each other?
  • Why is “Peter Midani’s” grammer so horrible?
  • What is “Peter Midani” trying to prove to Joh’ Vonnie Jackson?
  • What kind of game is Andre Vann running?
  • Why do so many of the Jackson Family accept Andre Vann as family


This plot is getting weirder and weirder.

Joh'Vonnie JAckson

jaVonnie Parks














Some Of Your Favorite YouTube Pranks May Be Fake

YouTube pranks are sweeping the internet. Many of the more well known pranksters have their own YouTube channels which garners millions of subscribers and views. The money lies within the views. From what I’ve been told, most YouTube sensations get paid on a fixed (pay per thousand views) basis. On average, a YouTuber can make from $2-5 per thousand views. These prank channels average millions of views per video. Big Business, and this does not even include sponsorship monies.

Due to the high demand of the pranksters need to create a constant flow of interesting and funny content, we can understand why they feel the need to have to stage the videos. I must say that although I’ve enjoyed my fair share of YouTube prank videos, I feel a little violated by finding out that the joke was on us, the viewer!



Could The Virginia Shooting Be A Hoax? Let’s See….

The recent on air killing of news reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward sparked nationwide outrage and disgust. After the shooting, killer Vester Lee Flanagan posted his pov of the killing to his facebook page. The video was also posted on youtube but was later removed. I got to see the killers pov video before it was removed and have my doubts. For one, the killer approached the victims in plain sight. He clearly exposed his weapon for awhile before any firing took place. Although Allison was engaged in an interview, its hard to believe that through peripheral vision, no one was able to see the approaching gunman or saw him brandishing his gun. Secondly, the man who claims to be Alison’s fiance in interviews, was never in a relationship with her. You can tell that he wasn’t grief stricken through his cold and robotic demeanor on air (proof provided in videos below). Third, if you slow mo the killers pov video, you can tell that Alison was not shot. Things are just not adding up in this case. If someone died, this is truly a tragedy, but we are not hearing the truth from mainstream media. Don’t believe me, take a look for yourself.

virginia shooting