LaLa Sizahands Lowkey Shades Dr. Heavenly From “Married To Medicine”

Comedian La La Sizahands recently revealed on her snapchat (lalasizahands89) that reality tv star Dr. Heavenly Kimes exhibited some “not so starlet” behavior.

Apparently, Kimes asked LaLa to appear on her reality show. During filming, Kimes repeatedly asked  LaLa to publicly endorse her on social media. At one point, LaLa posted a pic of her and Kimes at her dental office, then later removed it. She went on to say that she felt that Kimes shouldn’t have asked for endorsement without paying a fee. Kimes felt that because she was giving LaLa free dental work, she shouldn’t have to pay.



LaLa Sizahands Visits Miami @lalasizahands89

Comedian LaLa Sizahands  (aka Jay’La Milan) hit the Miami strip this week  and has been chronicling her adventures on her SnapChat. So far, she has set aside some gym time, took us to the club and taught us some game while in the Jacuzzi. Then let us walk with her back to the hotel room as she finally stepped back in at 5:46 am. La La recently quit her full time job, stepped out on faith and is now pursuing her dreams full time!