Are We Loving? Big Gurl Mama

South Florida’s plus sized sensation Big Gurl Mama went totally left with her new blond look. Mama will will be seen in the Master P flick “I Got The Hookup” next month. Are we loving the look?


Finally! A Movie About Florence Ballard Is In The Works!

Founding member Florence “Flo” Ballard Chapman of the legendary group The Supremes is finally getting her just due.  From an early age, Ballard aspired to be a singer and agreed to audition for a spot on a sister group of the local Detroit attraction, the Primes, who were managed by Milton Jenkins. After she was accepted, Ballard recruited Mary Wilson to join Jenkins’ group.Wilson, in turn, enlisted another neighbor, Diana Ross. The group ultimately became The Supremes. In 1967 Ballard was fired from the group and replaced by Cindy Birdsong.

For years, Ballards grandson Dejuan “Apple” Chapman (son of Nicole Ballard Chapman) has been lobbying to have a movie made in his late grandmothers honor.

“My grandmother, Florence Ballard, founded The Supremes. She’s the reason Diana Ross is who she is. Not saying she didn’t have talent. She didn’t have the heart. I feel like Berry [Gordy] wanted my grandmother to be some kind of puppet he could control. How you gone change the lead singer?! You wasn’t in the group, they was singing before the deal and Diana was wrong for agreeing to do it. In my grandmother’s YouTube interviews, she said she wanted to share the lead spot, not have it for herself… Says a lot about folks’ character, don’t it?” Chapman told Don Diva Magazine. “My grandmother took a few drinks, had twins and was kicked out the group, but if they were “Berry’s twins,” she would have been lead singer, huh? And to top it off, they all know my mom and aunt are still in the hood. They go make Dreamgirls and make Jennifer Hudson play her, with a different name. Soooo disrespectful, so fuck them! They took too much from my family. It ends now. Now, the tables turn. The people will know and see the truth…. The truth about Florence Ballard’s life and how she helped change music forever” he added.

On Sunday Ballout Boy Films announce that they will be making a fil about Ballard titled In The Name of Love. The movie is in the casting phase and no release date is set. Ballards family is in support of the movie.

On October 13, 2017 Apple will release his first single “Yesterday” off of his album album 7 Miles From The Struggle. The single features his late grandmother.

On February 21, 1976, Ballard entered Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital, complaining of numbness in her extremities. She died at 10:05 the next morning from cardiac arrest caused by a coronary thrombosis (a blood clot in one of her coronary arteries), at the age of 32. At the time of her death, Ballard was on welfare. All of Ballards family still resides in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan.

Wishing nothing but the best for the Ballard-Chapman family


Florence Ballard


Florence Ballard and Husband Tommy Chapman

apple chapman

Dejuan Apple Chapman

nicole ballard

Nicole Ballard Chapman


NB Has A Big Announcement!

Recording artist and actor Norris Bennett aka NB recently made a big announcement via his social media. His hit single “Drinks On Me’ will be featured on season 2 of  Angela Simmons’ reality show Growing Up Hiphop.  NB has been seen on Tru TV’s South Beach Tow, HBO’s Ballers, Organic Man short film, Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and much more!

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Inspirational Story! Man follows his dreams and becomes successful actor at the age of 51.



“My friends called me crazy,” recalled  Charles E. Bonamy when telling people that he wanted to be an actor. At the age of 51 Bonamy decided that he wanted to pursue the longtime passion of his. Despite the critics, Bonamy pressed on, got an agent and began following his dreams.

His first audition was for a speaking role in the 1994 Wesley Snipes film Drop Zone. “I read for three parts in the movie, and ended up landing the part of a drug dealer” said Bonamy. Landing his first audition gave Bonamy the confidence that he needed to continue acting professionally. Since landing his first role in 1994 Bonamy has been landed numerous roles which include national TV commercials, sitcoms, movies and voice over work.

Out of all the celebrities that Bonamy has worked with, he said his favorite was Jamie Foxx (whom he worked with in the movies Any Given Sunday and Miami Vice). “He was so down to earth and cracked so many jokes” said Bonamy, “I also like the fact that he brings his mentally challenged sister with him everywhere he goes” he add. He said that his least favorite celebrity to work with was Wesley Snipes (Drop Zone) whom Bonamy says  was “rude and snobbish.”

In 2000 Bonamy was diagnosed with prostate cancer and again in 2009 with throat cancer. During his 2009 cancer battle, doctors wanted to remove his vocal cords as a form of treatment. Bonamy refused the surgery because “without my voice, I couldn’t act” said Bonamy. Instead, he opted for the challenging process of receiving both chemo and radiation at the same time. It was a rough road but Bonamy pushed through and eventually regained full use of his voice. He eventually continued to land more roles.

Although he has been in may high budget productions, Bonamy admits that he enjoys the family atmosphere of lower budget productions and plays.

Bonamy offers 4 steps for those who would like to get in the acting business

Step 1. Get an Agent

Step 2. Take Pictures

Step 3. Check Your Email Regularly

Step 4. Pray

If you have any questions for Actor Charles E. Bonamy send them to and we will be sure to get them to him.

Charles E. Bonamy is a voting member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)


Charles E