Jackson Family Member Stabbed in Racially Motivated Attack

According to Joh’Vonnie Jackson, her daughter Yasmine was attacked in her apartment complex by a white neighbor. The neighbor chased Yasmine (who has asthma) until she could no longer run, and eventually stabbing her seven times. Fortunately the woman was caught and charged with Felony Battery with a deadly weapon. Yasmine, who works as a nurse, is calling for upgraded charges for the attacker. She says that during the assault, the attacker called her the N word several times. Prayers for Yasmine.

Multicultural Sorority Sigma Lambda Gamma Supports #BlackLivesMatterMovement

Last week Dallas, Texas hosted the National Convention for the Multicultural Sorority Sigma Lambda Gamma. The “Gammas” were founded in 1990 by five women that stove to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women. With a network of well over 3,000 multicultural sisters from collegiate chapters and alumnae associations located across the United States it is safe to say that their goals have been overly achieved.

During their National Convention this year in Dallas, many members of all ethnicities posed for a pic in support of the #blacklivesmatter movement! Shout out to the “Gammas” for coming together no matter what race, to support the movement!

For more information about this awesome sorority please visit http://www.sigmalambdagamma.com


Who Knew?Noah from Underground WGN Used To Play Derwin Davis on The Game

WGN’s breakout hit mini series Underground leaves us hanging from the edge of our seats every Wednesday night at 10pm. The series stars Aldis Hodge who plays the character Noah. Did you know that on the series pilot of The Game Hodge was cast as the character Derwin Davis? Hodge was later replaced by actor Pooch Hall and later went on the gain success on the TV show Leverage where he played Alec Hardison.


Ever Wondered How Slaves Really Looked?

It is important for every race of humans to know their history. Due to slavery in America, African-Americans  were not considered human enough to be properly included in the census or have any form of archives.

In these photos, you will see rare pictures of actual  African- American slaves. Notice the males and their body language. Some of this body language is still mimicked by todays African American men. Notice their facial expressions, you can see the despair, the attitude, the disdain for their establishment. In their eyes, you can see their tired souls.

These photos are a rare glimpse into our past.


Slaves of Thomas F Drayton of Magnolia Plantation, Hilton Head, South Carolina, 1862. During the American Civil War,
D9915J Slaves of Thomas F Drayton of Magnolia Plantation, Hilton Head, South Carolina, 1862. During the American Civil War,

five generations of a slave family born in Beaufort, South Carolina on the plantation of J.J. Smith, photo 1862.

Slave Family In Cotton Field near Savannah
ca. 1860s, Near Savannah, Georgia, USA — Slave Family In Cotton Field near Savannah — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

slave2slave10slaves house1slaves3



Underground WGN Lowkey Snitchin on Black Fraternity and Sorority Traditions

If you look closely to last night’s episode of Underground WGN, you will see many similarities between the slave relationship with the master.

Underground WGN is a mini series that chronicles the journey of runaway slaves. During this particular episode, Rosa Lee (a light skinned house slave) had the task of stealing the slave master’s seal in order to forge freedom papers. Once she placed the seal on the documents, she was supposed to return the seal to the master’s office. Well Rosa Lee wasn’t able to return the seal before he noticed and the master blamed a field slave for the theft.

As punishment, the slave master ended up lining up the field slaves and forcing them to simultaneously hold up a single plank of wood above their heads for a long amount of time. Watching this scene made me understand the D9 traditions a little more.

This episode sheds light on the origin of some black fraternity and sorority traditions . In Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLO’s), it is common to be hazed prior to being accepted as a member of the organization.

One of the main components of a BGLO is a “Line”. In a Predominantly White fraternity or sorority, they call them a “Pledge Class”. Lines consist of a pledge class that ” lines up ” the purpose of the line is that the line represents the pledge class as a singular unit. Therefore, if one member of the “line” is a troublemaker, then the entire “line” is considered a troublemaker. Therefore if the troublemaker gets punished, the entire “Line” gets punished because the troublemaker is apart of a unit.

In Underground WGN, the master suspected that one of the field slaves stole the seal but the entire field got punished. BGLO’s give snippets of their hazing structure during “Probate Shows”. Probate Shows occur after the “line” has been initiated into the BLGO. This is a way of showcasing the various activities that the “line” had to endure during the hazing phase of the initiation process (or conquest).

In BGLO’s, the people that are already initiated members represent the slave masters, and the pledges that are seeking membership are the slaves.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, that’s probably because you have never had any contact with BLGO life. Watch this weeks episode of Underground ( Season 1 episode 3 The Lord’s Day)  pay careful attention to the field slave punishment scene, then take a look at these probate shows.


Notice that the line had their arms in the same position for the entire video. This is a snippet of the position that line had to endure for the entire 2-3 month initiation process. I guarantee that they have had to hold that position for hours on end during their process. Probate shows are designed to show little pieces of what the line has learned (aka had to endure) during their process. Notice how they speak simotaniously, the line had to learn how speak rapidly as a unit which I guarantee took time to master.


Slaves used negro spirituals as a way to keep morale and keep one another motivated as their bodies were challenged both mentally and physically during slavery. The ladies in this video seem to be singing what sounds to the key of negro spiritual.


It seems that part of the BGLO is based on the slave culture.

Not bashing BGLO’s. Slavery taught us the  how to have a strong bond amongst each other. How to create a code amongst ourselves.


Wish I could post the clip from Underground WGN, but they said that would be a violation. Maybe I’ll update after the episode gets old.