Is Allyson Leilani Carter’s story (@xoodyssey) a scam?

Allyson Carter aka Ally has gone viral after politician Angela Stanton-King posted her story a few months ago. Ally allegdes that she was sex trafficted for many years and has wittnessed well known celebrities that have participated. She even alledges that Tupac is still alive and she has actually seen him. In addition (via q&a on instagram) she says that she has wittnessed shape shifting and clones.

At first, it seemed as though Ally had the backers that she calls her 90’s (the 90% of people that believe her) in her corner. Later some of her 90’s turned into 10’s (10% of people that don’t believe her) and began an all out campaign to derail her alleged lies.

Angela Stanton-King recently posted a video reliquishing her support. Her decision was in part, due to the fact that there were several reputable organizations/people that have offered assistance however, Ally and her adopted mother refused help from any of them. Instead, Ally chooses to be “on the run” while accepting Venmo donations.

You be the judge. There are several Instagram accounts that are used to create doubt about Ally’s claims.