An organization that Includes the Disabled…Theta Delta Sigma Society


According to its website, “Theta Delta Sigma is a national fraternal organization that unites individuals of diverse backgrounds in an effort to empower themselves and our communities. Through our core values, we develop and arm our members with what is needed to succeed in the real world. We teach our members about diversity, multiculturalism, dignity, and pride.”

Theta Delta Sigma was founded at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York on April 15, 2001 by fourteen, diverse, undergraduate men and women. These individuals came together with a single vision, a rare vision, of uniting people of all backgrounds in a lifelong bond of Siblinghood.






Multicultural Sorority Sigma Lambda Gamma Supports #BlackLivesMatterMovement

Last week Dallas, Texas hosted the National Convention for the Multicultural Sorority Sigma Lambda Gamma. The “Gammas” were founded in 1990 by five women that stove to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women. With a network of well over 3,000 multicultural sisters from collegiate chapters and alumnae associations located across the United States it is safe to say that their goals have been overly achieved.

During their National Convention this year in Dallas, many members of all ethnicities posed for a pic in support of the #blacklivesmatter movement! Shout out to the “Gammas” for coming together no matter what race, to support the movement!

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The Truth About Male Sorority Members!

Black fraternities and sororities pride themselves in knowing that they have a rich tradition that spans back to the early 1900’s. However, changing times have resulted in the rise of openly gay men and women. Although todays times allows one to be open about their sexuality, there are still a huge amount that would prefer to stay in the closet. They pledge traditional fraternities and sororities and act as if they are straight. All the while they are yearning to be surrounded by people that are more accepting of their lifestyle.

Enter non-traditional fraternities and sororities that cater to people that live alternative lifestyles. At times some males may even pledge a traditional fraternity by day, then pledge an alternative group in the dark.

Here’s a rare glimpse at the inside world of alternative fraternities and sororities.